The Underdog Kingdom

World building of universes and the speculative fiction genre are new concepts I’ve been introduced to in recent times. The Underdog Kingdom is just over three years old now and  has come of age (in my mind at least anyway…). The marinated processes assisted by my own creative machinations thrust The Underdog Kingdom into the publishing arena and the date of this vast (eternal) kingdom going live will be early next year. It became a reality when I was issued my ISBN. Get writing girl! You have a deadline to meet. So it starts: write, edit, rewrite…repeat, repeat, repeat…publish?…next book, write,edit…etc. etc. etc. So I have thrown myself into the abyss of ‘I am a writer’ and I have to say, I feel quite grown up actually. To mature as it’s polished (the writing and the writer) and even though both of us are still a WIP,

It is time…

Mark Twain famously coined the phrase, “The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.”

I’ve been building my testimony, learning about learning (I’m still learning at Becoming Writer: The Write Practice, Tribe Writers, and great blogs I follow), I’m blessed with many creative gifts and abilities. To only choose one and to say it in one word: “WRITE”…

So a big ‘WELCOME‘ to you, and thank you for visiting. This is where supernatural non fiction is given a voice from the premise of TRUTH in bringing you aspects of the Underdog Kingdom.  My writing is underpinned by Biblically based thoughts; inspirations are diligently considered as I have observed L I F E from my own experiences and interactions with significant others for decades…

Please enjoy the matrix of  WORDcraft that convey joy, sorrow, pensive, thought-provoking ideas, conflicted worldviews, and life from a supernatural perspective while existing in the physical and spiritual realm of everyday L I F E.

Any questions-comments? My email: welcomes your conversation if you need clarity on anything not explained thoroughly enough or not covered in blogs and comments.

I look forward to meeting you here.


Alive and well, thriving in the underdog kingdom.

PS. This is a new website and most of it is still being set up, however, I want to produce work while it is being built. Otherwise, I will never launch if I want perfection. I’m happy to be progressing and being real about my journey to reach all those who are also working on a project: the WIP while still being a WIP too.

I love to be inspired, and I love to inspire.